ePeen Law, Know it, Love it

09/12 2010



A working gaming headset and a copy of Mumble are MANDATORY for all ePeen members. All members are required to be on Mumble when in game. This will be strictly enforced and could lead to a guild removal. If you like to listen to music while gaming please hang out in the AFK channel so you could be easily drug into a channel if needed. There isn't a requirement to speak on Mumble but it is highly encouraged. Community is a big thing here so get to know your teammates. All raiding and PvP instructions will be issued via Mumble so the ability to hear and follow instructions in English is vital to successful operations.



You start on a trial period

All new recruits start in a trial period, during this period officers of the guild will decide if the recruit is of ePeen standard. This will be based on forum activity, communication via Mumble, conduct in game, and helpfulness to the Guild and Guildies. Guild contributions via the tax system are used to ensure the groups success. Complaining about taxes is not tolerated.


Player Quality

We do have quality standards

ePeen has a standard of quality play that we intend to maintain. If any Guild member is found to be extremely lacking in their skills, they may be voted on to be removed from the Guild. The important phrase here is "extremely lacking". We do not want to be elitist pricks but we do not want to be carrying weak links into important situations.



We understand RL commitments

ePeen members who are simply unable to participate in the game for any reason will be moved to an inactive list until they are able to return to active involvement. They will be removed from the Guild if gone without prior warning. Please make a post on the forums if you are going to be absent from the game for an extended period of time this will save you being inadvertently kicked from the guild.


Disruptive Behavior

Don't be that guy

An excessive amount of complaining, non-constructive criticism, arguing within the Guild, etc., will result in removal from the ePeen. This does not mean that members can never complain, criticize or argue just don't be that guy. If someone says in Vent something like "damn dude, you complain alot" take that as a hint. You just turned into "that guy". The keyword here is "excessive" meaning that it reaches the point where it affects Guild cohesiveness or productivity. Any Guild member that engages in excessively disruptive behavior will receive a cautionary warning first, and if that behavior continues, they will be removed from ePeen. Drama is cancer. We will remove cancer with a quickness in ePeen.


Respect Your Guild Members

No baby momma drama

You are required to treat other members of the Guild with respect. How you actually feel about them is not relevant, but your behavior is. Feel free to interact with anyone outside of the Guild however you like, as long as it doesn't violate any of the guild rules and doesn't look bad against the team.



No moonlighting

You are a member of ePeen and therefore are not allowed to be a member of any other Guild or Organization on the server without prior permission from the officers. This rule also includes the distribution of information specific to Guild tactics or tips.


Age restriction

Sorry Kiddies

*** ePeen enforces an age restriction of 18 years and older. ***


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