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    Hi, I am a member of <Last Exile> in TERA. I was their consistent mystic healer. I found out that they've transferred and I would like to speak with them on ventrilo but I can't seem to find the ventrilo information. I am away for work for another 4 weeks so I didn't have any way of really contacting them. Thank you for the help!

  3. You know it buddy. Keep in touch.
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    well brah update from yer brother, YEA man i got my old guild Divine LEgion doing well, WOuld love to see you or what ever on the prophecy of five server, I am leading again, PVP OF COURSE< not guild leader, dont want that Bullshit. But i wasnt good enough for these cats but bro I'll still Duel whoever you want me to duel. I am WAY BETTER at this game then i was , and my right hand man, YOU and me will always be friends . YOUR my fucking FRIEND in REAL LIFE, MMO's are cool but DOnt forget the Real Gangsters Foolio.... Luv ya , and I miss you bro.... WE WIN this server or the next IMMORTALS For LIFE
  5. Yes we are gonna have some guys playing tera for sure.
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    Saw a few of you in Tera, are you guys coming here? I just left SWTOR for it. Def interested in applying if so.

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    Hey psyph can you remove my inactive status on the forums. Alsom if possible the guest status on vent. My shadow is 30 atm so I shouldn't be much longer to 50.
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    Don't mean to bother you bra, i posted my recruitment app. I forgot to load up the ui. sorry. Hope i did everything right.
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    got my post up
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Tera Online First Impressions

by Psypher on 03/15 2012 at 01:53 PM

So I tried Tera online for this first time last weekend. I went into the game thinking about how much I HATE asian MMOs, how gay they look, and how horribly grindy they are. so here is my take on what I saw.

1. Looks: Yes the game still looks very homo, you have pedobears, little fairy girls with bunny ears, and lots of different elf looking races that are called by other names.

2. Grind:

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Updated 03/15 2012 at 09:29 PM by Psypher


Great Job in AvA

by Psypher on 02/16 2010 at 02:54 PM
Just wanna pass out a thanks to everyone showing up for AvA. I know people are burnt out on it but I think the latest post by hirez on whats coming has brought back some life to the game and I feel we have all had a lot of fun over the past 4 days. Keep up the great work out there guys, you are all great ambassadors of the ePeen quan out there. Keep the war machine alive, and just keep having fun out there.


by Psypher on 01/27 2010 at 11:46 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Emuscles View Post
miscellaneous 'useful' shit:

if you're in vent having trouble picking up on who's who, you might want to turn on voice overlay (you can see who's talking in your channel, in-game); it doesn't work with a lot of video cards so i use this as an alternative--


courtesy of 'hexagenda',

skill calculators

jetpack binds

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