ePeen Wins GvG Vanarch!

The ePeen war machine rolls along and wins the wars vs all guilds in it's running province. There remains to be little that can stand in the way of the ePeen organization. Let's hope someone can bring a solid challenge soon.


Nexus System for PvP Gear

PvP happened on a PvP server while trying to get PvP gear?? What a shame. Don't worry VoT pals, we will continue to make the Nexus experience tolerable and keep war decking.

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ePeen in Tera Beta

The ePeen team has a great weekend in Tera, undefeated in guild wars and terrorizing the zergs. After an addictive PvP experience we are ready to get geared up for launch soon. Get on this train quick because once it starts moving it doesnít stop.

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ePeen Server First Hardmode Eternity Vault Clear

We did it again. The ePeen crew takes down hardmode SOA before it gets nerfed in the next patch.


ePeen Server First Normal Eternity Vault Clear

Only a couple days after launch and all normal content is down. Too easy!


ePeen Claims World First AvA Win!

After some good old fashion hard work and dedication from the e-warriors of ePeen the work pays off as victory is ours in an exciting end to a hard fought season. This marks the world first win in Global Agenda.


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    07/01 2014

    Silver medal run on Stormtalon for ePeen. Good work boys.


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    08/17 2012

    After many months of battle in Tera it is time to say good bye. With the launch of Guild Wars 2 approaching it is time to move on to a game without safe zones, reflect, and the korean grindy enchanting system. Thanks to all those that we had great battles with, most of whom have already left Tera and moved on to GW2 as well.

    With our departure we go out on top if the leader boards for most wins most kill points and top win pct. Great job ePeen. Another top tier performance showing of how a small group can over come the odds.



    08/06 2012

    ePeen wins 5v5 Tournament on Jagged Coast also taking third place. Team Tune and Team Devour could not be stopped.


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    08/03 2012

    After one of the best weekends of PvP we have had in a very long time it has become apparent that VoT cannot handle ePeen. We took on 8 guilds all banded together and enjoyed every minute of it. Of course those guilds for some unknown reason figured this would make us angry. It was one of the most enjoyable weekends of PvP we have had in Tera since beta. The result however is we will not have a chance to fight for vanarch due to our supremacy over man up shinning all too clear to them so they all dropped tag to maintain their small lead handed to them via aphotic.

    So now instead of the intended week long bash of PvP we expected to get from man down, we now have a crumbled shell of aphotic beat into submission and no enemies left willing to face us. So now we look to find a new challenge. On Jagged Coast Thirsty boasts that VoT is a no skill server and they are the supreme PvP guild in Tera. After the week of bordom is up and we no longer have ties to vanarch we will take a week long move to Jagged Coast to see if there is anyone there that dares face our PvP power house. Maybe on a server where we are unknown people will leave the comfort of the safe zone and enjoy the battles we have intended for them.

    After that, if we enjoy that experience we will travel to Basilisk Craig and fight the massive alliance we keep hearing about that is zerging everyone out of Nexus. We can teach them a thing or two about how we handle 8 guilds at the same time and send them packing for the safe zones. Then be back to VoT in time for BGs. Maybe after 2 weeks of no ePeen there will be some new guilds that grow into PvP bad asses that live for battle. Until then VoT is pure small son status talking big from safe zones and hating on the only team that will truly bring a fight to anyone that desires it, and to those that do not.

    Love Dictator Psypher.



    07/26 2012

    We said early on in the game even with our small guild, we would be able to win vanarch when it came down to PvP. The ePeen crew set out to prove that fact and we took the server by storm. While other guilds are busy trying to exploit the system ePeen is busy putting them in the ground.

    It can be hard fighting a fight when everyone is hiding in safe zones, but we stay diligent and continue the hunt. We spent the week breaking up fight clubbing between other guilds in our race to confirm there would be only one legitimate GvG Vanarch.

    When the horn of Gondor is sounded, the riders of Rohan answer itís call. When there is actual PvP to be had we will be there. Safe zones are for the cowards and BRs. Now that enmasse has legitimized exploiting for Vanarch and showed they are a terrible company the game will crumble soon after GW2 launches. In the mean time, if you are looking for a good fight, war deck ePeen and get ready for bodies to hit the floor.



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