ePeen Wins GvG Vanarch!

The ePeen war machine rolls along and wins the wars vs all guilds in it's running province. There remains to be little that can stand in the way of the ePeen organization. Let's hope someone can bring a solid challenge soon.


Nexus System for PvP Gear

PvP happened on a PvP server while trying to get PvP gear?? What a shame. Don't worry VoT pals, we will continue to make the Nexus experience tolerable and keep war decking.

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ePeen in Tera Beta

The ePeen team has a great weekend in Tera, undefeated in guild wars and terrorizing the zergs. After an addictive PvP experience we are ready to get geared up for launch soon. Get on this train quick because once it starts moving it doesnít stop.

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ePeen Server First Hardmode Eternity Vault Clear

We did it again. The ePeen crew takes down hardmode SOA before it gets nerfed in the next patch.


ePeen Server First Normal Eternity Vault Clear

Only a couple days after launch and all normal content is down. Too easy!


ePeen Claims World First AvA Win!

After some good old fashion hard work and dedication from the e-warriors of ePeen the work pays off as victory is ours in an exciting end to a hard fought season. This marks the world first win in Global Agenda.


  • I | ePeen The Long Road to Victory

    03/26 2010

    It feels like we have been at this for a very long time. It is hard to believe the game only launched 2 months ago. The agency started as a solo mercenary group for hire that had a desire to be the best. After a lot of positioning, hardwork, and great team play we made good on our goal to become the world first winners in Global Agenda. Not so long ago it was just our agency fighting to secure our own base and holding off the CTC alliance onslaught to get our shields up. Home tree is where it all started.

    The road has been far from easy, we have had to remove some major threats along the way and had help from some great friends to make the difference. Our first major assault came against an alliance that at one point held almost as much of the map as the iMMoRtALs alliance did. The OP alliance was a powerhouse that needed to be dealt with quickly before it removed hope from other groups defiance. We kept the pressure on as a single agency and when LP dropped, we seized the moment and went for the jugular. After a night of pounding the unshielded base left behind by LP most of the OP alliance folded up like a paper airplane leaving the game out of pure fear of losing. TRX was left trying to hold us off on their own and did so with dignity and never quit fighting which gained a lot of respect in our eyes. The nukes went off and the giant fell.

    After the fall of OP, Blackwatch became the new threat as they were hired as mercenaries to stop us from claiming the bases which had been left behind from the nuclear fallout and LP fleeing the fight zone. BW had a great team and a lot of alpha experience over us, but we managed to beat them on consecutive nights to get our shields moving and secure the two bases. BW was not seen on citadel again after that evening.

    A new super power was emerging as we had now picked up 2 great allies in exile and protocol. Both agencies could be counted on to handle A-Teams from other agencies and we knew we had a winner in the making. We only had one last order of business. The removal of our old enemies to the north, that tried to take home tree from us the first night of AvA, became the new priority.. CTC had previously tried to zerg us down on our first base the first night of AvA but we were able to successfully defend every attack they made where we had a team in the hex. After LP left they were battered and weak, with no team that could realistically stop us. The Nuking was quick, effective, and the gratification was great.

    The alliance now had nuked and taken control of all 5 bases on citadel. The next couple weeks became a battle of teching up and catching all the other alliances that had a head start on us in the resource battle. We were determined to be the world first winners and it didnít matter who got in our way they would be removed and knocked down a notch. The Mpire alliance had major control and high level tech facilities on Obelisk. It was a Euro server with extremely high pings and early in the morning for us. We rallied some dedicated players together for Operation Obelisk. We went to their house kicked their door down and took their lunch money. The Mpire alliance was left with very little tech left and had to try getting their bases back from the general public. They never fully recovered and were slowed down to the point they were no longer any threat to us.

    Now all that was left was to coast to the finish line by beating the rest of citadel into a point of despair so they would feel like resistance was futile. The ePeen management team knew from beta experience that when teams lose games they start in fighting, getting down, and give up. Even when they have the numbers to take you off the map, all you need to do is win the games you can defend and eventually they will get sick of losing constantly.

    Problem was it worked almost too well. Citidel became very tiresome as nobody would attack or defend anything when they saw ePeen coming to the hex. The only fights we could find were from the top notch agencies, and most of them had all but fell off out of the game due to their failed alliances and shattered dreams of winning the zone. At this point we knew the only thing that could stop us from winning was ourselves. Our focus was keeping the alliance a productive drama free environment and it worked very well because all the agencies in the alliance worked very well together and could count on each other.

    The recipe for success is surrounding yourself with the right people and we really did that with this group. Not only in the alliance but also within our own organization, with our strict recruiting practises. Everyone in the organization should be very proud of what they have accomplished here. There will only ever be one world first, and on this day it is ePeen and the iMMoRtALs alliance.

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