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    04/20 2012

    First thing you have to do is open up the repeatable by going the normal quests for the mobs you want to grind. Head back to cutthroat pick up the quests you want and head down to a grind spot. For the solo grind spot there might be 2-3 quests you need to do before the repeatable unlocks. As a solo dps it will be fastest for you to grind solo but you wont be helping your healer friends. If you can group up with your lancer and healer buddies and share the love on the BaMs it wont take you too ...

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    04/18 2012

    [QUOTE=LordZedd;16269]Since I did not see something like this posted yet figured Id share it. This is one of the many reasons I love ventrilo.

    Two things that are very useful, so that you don't end up in the middle of a game and someone decides to abuse the functions of Ventrilo (by making events spam is the easiest example, or perhaps someone comes in and plays a screaming loud sound file or pure static).

    1. Turn off your events. Go to Setup > Events Tab > 3rd ...



    03/15 2012

    So I tried Tera online for this first time last weekend. I went into the game thinking about how much I HATE asian MMOs, how gay they look, and how horribly grindy they are. so here is my take on what I saw.

    1. Looks: Yes the game still looks very homo, you have pedobears, little fairy girls with bunny ears, and lots of different elf looking races that are called by other names.

    2. Grind: ...

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    12/12 2011




    01/06 2011

    Voxels are the cooler Brothers of Pixels, thatís the easy explanation. Voxatron will come this year and it will use the voxel technology, to destroy your environment completely and dynamically. it got me already.


    Wasn't Red Faction experimenting with tech some time back?



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